Lou Waldegrave


Time for no one lingers, and the words pour from of my fingers...

Thus far, I have been lucky to trip the light fantastic across the most eclectic and rewarding writing career.

Currently the digital editor for a global economy think tank, based on the Isle of Wight (this is not an oxymoron or the beginning of a joke) – I began writing and producing radio ads in Tauranga, NZ, and have since enjoyed writing across most mediums, comfortably able to adopt the tone of the very different narratives for which I have created and edited copy.

The present

Digital editor and content designer - writing and overseeing all new content (news, case studies, programmes, systemic initiatives, and comms) while working towards a new digital platform focused on user experience and needs

Not too long ago

Digital editing and SEO copywriting – corporate magazine content, copy and news stories, generating press releases and promotional literature for digital and print press, branding and marketing copy, client social media

Way back – ( for Gen Z )

Radio creative director and copywriter –writing and producing adverts and breakfast show comedy productions

TV script writer for two comedy sketch shows ( in New Zealand)


Author of two ‘bargain bin – by the till’ type books -both frivolous, fun, shallow tomes – but both got publishing deals.